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What’s Best? Gas or Electric Golf Car

When it comes to landing that perfect golf car to meander around the vast expanse that is your property, golf course, camp ground or work site, you need to be thorough in your search and analysis. You do not want to just go to a junkyard, find one in a bad way and take it home. Nor do you want to dig up that rusty one buried under layers of times remnants in the corner of your shed from 1973 (though we do have a talented crew on-site who can resurrect through repair, that oldie from your garage or shed). You want to come to a professional company with Five Star Golf Car. We sell it all, new, refurbished, even customizable options. The real question, for you, may be ‘do I go with gas or electric’.

Gas Golf Cars

Custom Golf Cart Skulls Design

Golf cars will get you where you are going. Operating in much the same way a car does, your gas golf cart will not require a charge, just the obvious and constant gas refills once the tank runs towards empty. The general mechanics of gas golf carts are a lot like those of a car also. So, if you are comfy there, even as far as general repair, this may be your type of golf car. If distance is involved in the usage of your golf cart, gas is the better choice. Anything beyond 10 miles one way would call for the fuel power of gasoline over that of an electric charge. More powerful than your electric golf cart counterparts, gas golf carts are better to use on hilly or uneven terrain, possessing the power to push you over.

Electric Golf Cars



Maybe you are an environmentally friendly sort and wish for this stance to carry over into your golf cars? If so, an electric powered golf car is likely the direction you want to go. Not only is an electric golf car the ecological choice, it is also the economical choice. Battery-powered, an electric golf car is a bit more in the way of cost effective than gas, operating off of a charge, you do not have to run back and forth to the gas station to repeatedly keep your tank filled. Electric golf carts are the ideal Point ‘A’ to ‘Point ‘B’ sort. This is becoming less true now days as golf car battery technology has greatly improved giving enormous power compared to electric golf cars of years past. Great on flat terrain, if your golf cart serves a more practical purpose, like helping en elderly person or someone with difficulties in ambulation, electric may be the way to go. Plug it in, charge it up, get moving.


The debate over which golf car is right for you comes down to cost and need. The above should help get you where you are going, the rest is up to you. If you are interested in the electric or gas golf cars, know that Five Star Golf Cars can assist you in making the right decision for your needs.