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Learn About Tomberlin Golf Cars

Learn About Tomberlin Golf Cars

Styling is often the foremost ingredient in building brand recognition and differentiation. Tomberlin styling is distinctive, recognizable, and increasingly important to our target customers. Styling reflects a purposeful intent to stand apart and Tomberlin believes this reflects beyond an exterior appearance to also impact culture control, service standards, touch point details and consistency in associate conduct.

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  • Wonderful place, very friendly.

  • We had a very pleasant experience purchasing our golf cart. customer service was great Shaun was especially helpful.

  • We had a wonderful, stress free experience buying our golf cart. Chris and Larry went above and beyond to make sure we were making the right choice for our needs. We are enjoying our cart very much. Thank you!

  • Thanks to Five Star Cars...Ozzie and his staff have went above and beyond with the Golf Car that I have purchased.. He is very thorough on every aspect of the Golf Car.. Thank you again Ozzie and your team for making this experience so easy, and checking the car so thorough!! We will be doing business with you guys for life.. Thanks, Anthony

  • Had a flat on my golf cart and 3 other tires that had seen better days. Needed help bad. Our company had never purchased there before and the salesman/(owner I'm sure).. took the chance on us and billed us for 2 tires. THANK YOU!

  • Exceptional service and attention to detail. Andrew is responsive and delivers a superior product with an outstanding customer experience.

  • Andrew was very helpful finding me the right cart to fit our needs .they have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. i would highly recommend these guys if your'e shopping for a new or reconditioned golf cart.

  • A few years ago I purchased a used golf cart for use around the lake where I live. The best money I have spent. I look forward to spring every year so that I can use it. The entire staff was wonderful, from Dwayne that helped me with my purchase to the service team that took excellent care of me when I had them add a lift kit a year after purchase so that I could use my cart on the trails where I live. Thank you to the entire team for your 5 Star customer service!!

  • Updated Post: Immediately after this post, I was contacted by the owner of Five Star Golf Cars. I was immediately contacted by the Shop I was working with and provided a loaner golf cart and a plan was made to ship the cart North to their NH shop. The issue was identified and after a short while the cart was returned in working order. I want to thank the owner for taking care of this issue. Hopefully, going forward the South Shore location level of customer service will better reflect that of the owner and NH location. Original Post: I dropped my Golf Cart at Five Star in the Fall of 2018. It was having some sort of power issue. I was told the issue had been resolved. I came to pick it up and noticed it was not running as it should. I asked the technician about it and he said it most likely just needed a charge. Against my better judgment I took it home. I charged it and it continued to have the same power issues. I figured maybe it was the batteries. Purchased new batteries, still had the power issue. I dropped it off again early spring of this year. Month after month, I would receive no updates. I would regularly call to see what the status was. Every time I called I would get a different answer as to what might be wrong with it. It is now end of the summer, the golf cart still does not work and they are now saying that a new engine might be needed. It had been at least a month if not more with no word from them until I called today for an update. I am extremely disappointed in the level of service I have received here. I missed an entire camping season and still have no cart that works and am still looking at the prospect of dumping more money into a service crew I have no confidence knows how to actually identify and resolve issues.

While other brands repackage golf carts originally created for golf courses and modify them into Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs), “We Go Farther” by engineering and purpose-building our vehicles for on-road use. From responsive handling to street-legal, Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) requirements, we integrate safety, performance and styling expected in an automobile into the convenience, freedom and fun of a PTV. Sure, you can use our vehicle to play golf, but it’s so much more than that. Tomberlin is an authentic PTV created for master-planned communities, neighborhoods, and short-distance commuting with unrivaled features that deliver a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Learn About Tomberlin Golf Cars


Available in 2 or 4 Passenger

Introducing the NEW E-MERGE E2 GT, featuring 5 new refreshing metallic colors never seen on a Tomberlin, combined with a custom new Racaro-style black carbon Cool Touch seat, 14-inch steel belted radials with BLACK wheels, and an 8 speaker Bazooka sound bar as standard equipment. It’s the fastest production vehicle Tomberlin has ever offered, with the ability (if you’re willing) to zoom from 0 to 20 mph in 5 seconds – and to 25 mph in 6 seconds.