Horse Farms Using Golf Cars

Horse owners use some type of labor-saving equipment or machinery to make management tasks easier. Golf cars are versatile conveyances and are used on many horse farms for all kinds of things. They are also useful for transporting and delivering, and certainly handy as a way to get from point A to point B.

If you have a second barn and all the feed storage and other items are at the main barn, the golf car is a way to easily go back and forth. It’s an efficiency issue; a person could walk that distance, but if you have to walk it 4 or 5 times a day and you’re in a hurry, the golf car is very handy. On most horse farms the thing that people are most short on is time. If they have to travel around the farm or barnyard, or have to carry something here and there, the golf car makes it quicker and easier.

Horses Follow Golf Cars

If you have horses that are quiet and easy to handle and you have to move them from one place to another, one or two people on a golf car can lead them. Imagine one person driving with one leading, they have two horses behind them for exercise. They can go a set speed to exercise young horses, and the advantage over longeing, mechanical walkers or round pen work is that they can be out on a larger track, going in straight lines which is easier on leg joints than going in circles, and they don’t have to saddle up a pony horse. The golf car doesn’t get as tired like a pony horse if you have multiple youngsters to exercise!

Traveling in straight lines on nice ground. This is ideal for a young horse, traveling straight. It is good exercise and good training. The horses enjoy it and can get pretty frisky when they are fit.

Horses have to learn their limitations and the place where they are supposed to be, following quietly behind the cart. It’s all about the horse learning patience and respecting boundaries, so this is training as well as exercise for these young horses. It works best and is safest if you have someone to help you—to hold onto the horses. The horses also must be conditioned/trained to this kind of activity, and comfortable with being led from the golf car.

Helps Reduce Fatigue

There are several advantages to having a handy way to get around the horse farm, especially if a person is not as fit and sound as he/she once was; the golf car can be a great asset. Just going from the house to the barn, or taking a tour to check on the mares and foals, etc. can be hard for some people, and this gives them easy and fast mobility. It enables a person to keep doing the daily chores and to check on the horses as often as they should be checked without fatigue becoming an issue.

If a person has all the help in the world on an extensive horse farm, they can do it certain ways, but if it’s a minimal operation (which many horse places are), you don’t have a lot of help. You do it all yourself or it doesn’t get done, so you have to be as efficient as possible. Thus the golf car can have an important place. Safety is still a priority; you should not tie the horse to the golf car. But mechanization has many benefits.

The same can be said for larger horse farms. Large operations with multiple people doing different tasks can be made more efficient with the use of a golf car. Reducing transportation times for food, gear, personal and other equipment not only saves time, but money too!

Golf Car Options for Farms

There are a number of options when it comes to golf cars, but a horse farm should consider a golf car that can be used for multiple roles. Hauling manure, tools, gear, food and personal are all tasks the perfect golf car should be able to handle.

Five Star Golf Cars highly recommends the Cushman series Haulers. They have the power, reliability and versatility you need. Available in gas and diesel and options for 2-6 personal.

Cushman Hauler 4X4

For more information about Cushman Hauler options take a look at the options on the Cushman Hauler listing. Cushman Hauler

As always, we also have a number of used utility golf cars that might be the perfect fit for your budget. Whatever the case may be feel free to get in touch with one of our pros who can help you in making the best choice for your needs and budget. Contact Us


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