• AC Motor
  • Intellabrake System
  • History of RXV

  • Best-In-Class Fuel Economy
  • More Responsive Acceleration
  • Industry’s Lowest Cost Operation

Textron Specialized Vehicles Delivers Closed-Loop EFI Technology for E-Z-GO® and Cushman®

Closed-loop EFI technology uses an oxygen sensor to read exhaust levels, which enables sensors in the new engine to adjust the fuel-to-air ratio, delivering better engine performance in all weather conditions. The new EFI technology increases the number of operating hours between service intervals, resulting in less maintenance. Exclusive sound-deadening techniques on the E-Z-GO TXT deliver a quieter driving experience for the operator and passenger; By installing an extended air intake hose, as well as sound-absorbing foam under the seat and rear-body access panels, engineers reduced engine noise and created a more pleasing engine pitch.



For more than eight years, E-Z-GO’s RXV® golf car has delivered unrivaled performance for golf facilities around the globe. The only vehicle equipped with a revolutionary combination of AC power and IntelliBrake™ technology, the RXV has raised the bar on superior performance and energy efficiency. By using an innovative AC motor and IntelliBrake System, the RXV is more efficient, easier to use and provides better value than other vehicles.


The next generation RXV utilizes the same pioneering AC technology introduced with the RXV’s launch in 2008 that has been proven to generate increased energy efficiency, longer run time between charges and more hill-climbing power. AC, or alternating current, delivers power more efficiently and faster than direct current, or DC, because of the way it is transmitted. This makes AC vehicles efficient and powerful, all while using less energy.

E-Z-GO’s patented IntelliBrake System encompasses two revolutionary technologies – a motor brake that slows the vehicle when traveling up or down steep grades, and an automatically applied parking brake. The motor brake automatically engages when you are driving to slow the vehicle on hills and the parking brake automatically activates whenever the vehicle is stopped, so your golfers no longer have to set and release a brake. Unlike mechanical brakes which waste energy by creating friction and heat, the IntelllibrakeBrake provides full-time regenerative braking. During this process, the motor captures the energy typically used to brake and uses it to recharge the batteries.

  1. Reliability: E-Z-GO’s RXV offers increased reliability over other vehicles in the industry because of its revolutionary AC and IntelliBrake technology. With 15% greater efficiency compared to DC- powered vehicles, the RXV generates more power while using less energy, giving you a longer battery life and a 21% energy return back to the batteries from regenerative braking. Its superior hill-climbing ability and constant power allow the RXV to cover more ground quickly and efficiently. And with fewer wearable parts and a sealed brake, the RXV is reliable in any environment.
  2. Experience: The RXV’s advanced technology and rugged reliability offer premium performance and give your golfers a superior on-course experience. Equipped with robust AC power, the RXV maintains 97% of its speed when climbing hills, offers consistent all-day speed and best-in-class acceleration, giving your golfers a better pace of play. A parking brake that automatically engages whenever the vehicle is stopped is simple and convenient to use for golfers- and protects against damage. With the highest level of efficiency, durability, reliability and performance, the RXV makes your operation more efficient and gives your guests an experience second to none.
  3. Value: The unique combination of the RXV’s zero-emissions AC drivetrain and IntelliBrake System reduces operational costs and generates industry-leading efficiency. Delivering more power while using less energy, the RXV gives you increased battery life and up to 180 more rounds under warranty, stretching your investment further. Fewer wearable parts in the AC motor, such as brushes and bearings, and an IntelliBrake System that does not require brake pads, adjustment or parts replaced regularly help reduce maintenance time. E-Z-GO supports its AC and IntelliBrake technologies with the industry’s largest network of factory-direct technical experts.

E-Z-GO® has yet again revolutionized electric golf cars with its ELiTE™ Series vehicles, activated by Samsung SDI lithium technology. With high-efficiency, zero-maintenance battery power and an unprecedented five-year, unlimited-amp-hour warranty, ELiTE Series vehicles give you the lowest operating costs the industry has ever seen.


Samsung SDI lithium batteries don’t require the labor involved with watering, terminal post checkups and cleaning like lead acid batteries. Do the math, and you’ll be surprised how much maintenance time you could save.


We believe in the reliable and enduring performance of ELiTE Series vehicles so much that every model comes with a five-year, unlimited-amp-hour warranty. By providing this coverage, you and your course can eliminate costly out-of-warranty repairs.

ELiTE series vehicles have Samsung lithium cells that are loaded into a single battery pack. By tapping into this cutting-edge technology, they use less energy, charge in half the time and require less out-of-wall power than leading lead acid competitors. That means you can dramatically cut energy costs, and enjoy the extra revenue that comes from all-day uptime.

With batteries half the size and a fraction of the weight of lead acid, ELiTE vehicles weigh hundreds of pounds less. This takes a big load off of your turf, protecting one of you most valuable assets.

For many courses, the most noticeable difference of lithium technology is a reliable power source that doesn’t fade over time. Whether it’s a new or five-year-old vehicle, ELiTE vehicles will give you and your golfers all the acceleration and hill-climbing power they could want.

ELiTE vehicles utilize Samsung SDI lithium batteries, which are controlled by an advanced Battery Management System that monitors efficiency, temperature, state of charge and the health of the batteries. These batteries have been used to safely and reliably power electric cars, e-scooters, power tools and more.

Driven by a zero-emissions, greener battery technology, ELiTE vehicles protect the Earth by using less energy. Our lithium batteries last longer and spend more time efficiently driving your fleet and less time in the recycling process.