Looking for the latest user manual for your E-Z-GO® vehicle? Download a .pdf file of the latest user manuals for our current E-Z-GO vehicle line using the links below. Or, if you need user manuals for older vehicles, service manuals, or parts manuals, contact the Five Star Golf Cars & Utility Vehicles Parts & Accessories team HERE. To ensure that you receive the correct manual, please have the serial number and manufacturing code of your vehicle ready when you call.

2Five Electric 2016Express

4×4 Electric 2018

Express L6.S6 2018

Express L6.S6 Electric 2015

Express S4 2018

Express S4 Electric 2015

Express S4 Gas 2015

Express S4 High Output Electric 2015

Freedom 72-Volt 2018

Freedom RXV Electric 2018

Freedom TXT 2+2 Electric 2018

Freedom TXT Electric 2018

RXV 2+2 Electric 2017

RXV 2+2 Elite 2017

RXV 2+2 Gas 2017

RXV Electric 2017

RXV Elite 2017

RXV Gas 2017

TXT 2+2 Electric 2014

TXT 2+2 Elite 2017

TXT 2+2 Gas 2014

TXT Electric 2017

TXT Elite 2017

TXT Gas 2017

Valor Gas 2018