E-Z-GO Express S4

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  • EZ-GO Express S4
  • EZ-GO Express S4
  • EZ-GO Express S4
  • EZ-GO Express S4
  • EZ-GO Express S4
  • EZ-GO Express S4
  • EZ-GO Express S4
  • EZ-GO Express S4
  • EZ-GO Express S4
  • EZ-GO Express S4
  • EZ-GO Express S4

EZ-GO Express S4

EZ-GO Express S4

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Every hour is an opportunity to live your life to the fullest, and the all-new E‑Z‑GO® Express™ S4 personal golf cart ensures you’re doing just that. Choose from E‑Z‑GO’s exclusive 72V AC powertrain that offers you unrivaled enjoyment, the maintenance-free an energy efficient 13.5-HP closed-loop EFI gas powertrain. No matter what you choose, an elevated ground clearance, all new features and modern design ensure you’ll always stand out from the crowd with the Express S4.


This vehicle has been designed and manufactured in the United States of America (USA) as
a ‘World Vehicle’. The Standards and Specifications listed in the following text originate in
the USA unless otherwise indicated.
The use of non Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approved parts may void the
Overfilling battery may void the warranty.
Tampering with or adjusting the governor to permit vehicle to operate at above factory
specifications will void the vehicle warranty.
When servicing engines, all adjustments and replacement components must be per original
vehicle specifications in order to maintain the United States of America Federal and State
emission certification applicable at the time of manufacture.
All batteries will self discharge over time. The rate of self discharge varies depending on the
ambient temperature and the age and condition of the batteries.
A fully charged battery will not freeze in winter temperatures unless the temperature falls
below -75°F (-60°C).

For any questions on material contained in this manual, contact an authorized representative for clarification.
Read and understand all labels located on the vehicle. Always replace any damaged or missing labels.
On steep hills it is possible for vehicles to coast at greater than normal speeds encountered on a flat surface. To prevent loss of vehicle control and possible serious injury, speeds should be limited to no more than the maximum
speed on level ground. See GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS. Limit speed by applying the service brake.
Catastrophic damage to the drivetrain components due to excessive speed may result from driving the vehicle above
specified speed. Damage caused by excessive speed may cause a loss of vehicle control, is costly, is considered
abuse and will not be covered under warranty.

EZ-GO Express S4

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