E-Z-GO Freedom TXT 72V-Electric


E-Z-GO Freedom TXT 72V-Electric

  • S#: 3506821
  • Custom Tires
  • 2″ Front Lift
  • State of Charge Meter
  • LED Headlights, Tail Lights, and Brake Lights
  • Turn Signals
  • USB Port
  • Black Top
  • Matching Black Seats

Can be added for additional cost:

  • Mirrors
  • Bluetooth Soundbar

Ask About This Golf Car

Go further with the boosted power of a 72-Volt AC drivetrain. The redesigned Freedom® 72-Volt boasts a new body and higher ground clearance. With enhanced, sport-inspired handling, unmatched energy efficiency and convenience, you’re ready for whatever the day may bring.
All batteries will self-discharge over time. The rate of self-discharge varies depending on the
ambient temperature, the age and condition of the batteries.
A fully charged battery will not freeze in winter temperatures unless the temperature falls
below -75°F (- 60°C).
For winter storage, the batteries must be clean, fully charged and disconnected from any
source of electrical drain.
The battery charger may be left connected to the vehicle to maintain a full charge on the batteries, provided the charger is plugged into an active electrical source. If power to the electrical source is disconnected or interrupted the battery charger will continue to check the
charge on the battery pack, this will draw power from the battery pack and eventually drain
the batteries if power is not restored in a timely manner.
As with all electric vehicles, the batteries must be checked and recharged as required or at a
minimum of 30 day intervals.
Remember to check and maintain the proper fluid level in all battery cells during the storage
period; proper fluid level is required for maximum battery performance.


Condition: New
Year: NEW
Brand: E-Z-GO
Model: Freedom Txt
Body Style: 4 Passenger
Engine: 72 Volt
Exterior Color: Electric Blue