3 Important Golf Car Tasks

One of the best reasons to buy a new golf car (or to pick up a used one) is the simple ease of owning them!

Golf cars provide an invaluable service to their owners, and they don’t ask for much in return — just a little preventative maintenance and the occasional tune-up at Five Star Golf Cars service department should keep them going strong for years to come.

Today, we’ll look at the most important basic golf car maintenance tasks you should not forget.

1. CHARGE (AND WATER) THE BATTERY (Not required with Lithium Elite Series)

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We talk about golf car batteries around here — they’re often one of the first problems a golf car owner will have to deal with. But most of those issues can be prevented with easy preventative maintenance. Now, you can also look at and consider the beauty of a 5 year maintenance free battery system with the previously mention Lithium Elite Series. Lighter, maintenance free and fast charging this series of golf cars delivers without the typical worries of golf car batteries of the past.

Non Lithium Battery Maintenance

Make sure that you recharge your battery after every use. Don’t let the golf car sit with a totally depleted or nearly-depleted battery, as this will lessen your golf car battery’s lifespan.

Be sure to inspect your charger connections each time, charge in a well-ventilated area, and be sure all vent caps are tight.

You’ll need to water your golf car battery, too! The electric charge in typical golf cars is created using electrolytes, and the charging process uses up a considerable amount of water over time.

Always check before charging to make sure your water is at the recommended level. You’ll need to add water approximately once per month, but it may be more or less often depending on how often you use your golf car. It’s very important not to add too much or too little water, as both can cause problems that may lead to replacing your golf car battery entirely.

Check your manufacturer’s guide, or just visit one of our locations and we’d be happy to show you just how much water to add each time. Feel free to give us a call too. We’re always happy to help.


Golf car tires are very similar to the tires of any regular full-size vehicle. They have a pretty long lifespan if checked regularly, but too little pressure can cause them to go flat prematurely. Too much pressure, on the other hand, can make you more prone to accidents on slick or icy surfaces, as well as causing the tread itself to wear down faster.

Check the tire pressure on your golf car about once a month, more often if you primarily use your golf car for off-road activities like hunting, fishing, or farming.

While the general rule for appropriate golf car tire pressure is 20 – 22 pounds per square inch, this can vary based on the manufacturer. Be sure to check their guidelines to be sure.


Our final must-have on the maintenance checklist is simply being sure you test out the effectiveness and responsiveness of your steering wheel, braking system, and headlights.

We recommend doing this once per week, as it really only takes a few seconds of your time and gives you extra peace of mind (especially if your children utilize your golf car, although they should be 16 or older if they do!)

Take a short, slow drive, where conditions are ideal. Test your brakes, test how quickly your steering wheel works, and flip on and off your headlights.

If any of these systems aren’t working or seem to be having some trouble, you’ll want to call our Service Department, as braking, steering, and headlight systems can be complex to repair.


At Five Star Golf Cars & Utility Vehicles, our service technicians are all factory certified and trained for the best possible customer experience in the golf car business. We’ve made it our mission to provide great customer service, high-quality golf cars, and a hardworking Service Department dedicated to helping you make the absolute most out of your new or preowned golf car.

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