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us open golf
You are a great lover of the game of golf, and you have been watching the games taking places at various circuits. You are even familiar with the characteristics of the ground. Now, is the time to reap the rich dividend from the knowledge gathered from watching the various tournaments and watching the game of the topmost players. All you have to do is to go for the betting on your favorite player at us open. You can view collection data about the US open odds and then place your bet to enhance your winning chances.
Use your expertise to be the winner
As the US open is going to start, the betting is on, but the question for beginners is how to go for betting. All about us open odds you can read right here. The best and the easiest of all betting is to bet on the winner of the tournament. If you do not want to go by the world rankings of the golfers and want to wait for the tournament to begin and put your stakes after watching the game of the first day, then it will be considered as an intelligent decision. Some people go from match to match. It means they do the betting on every match as who will be scoring the highest score out of the group of two or three balls or who is going to have the lowest score in the day.
Trust your intuition
This is the special skill which has always made you the winner in your field. You have always trusted your gut feeling no matter what the situation was suggesting to you. It was the inner feeling on which you have taken your decision in spite of all analysis and calculation. You have to do the same again believing in yourself and on your senses. As you have already fed your brain with the necessary information and facts, let the best supercomputer of the world work for you. Take a good night sleep, and when you wake up in the next morning, your brain will provide you with the answer as on which player to put your stakes and your money.
Getting the final call
You must have started feeling the rush of adrenaline in your brain and drops of sweat appearing on your forehead and the excitement taking control of your senses. This is the feeling which you were missing in the life, the challenges which excited you. Thus, enjoy the excitement and thrill till the tournament ends announcing the name of the winner and getting to know whether you won the bet or lost it.

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