All You Need to Know About Mega Moolah and Its Outstanding Features

mega moolah
Mega Moolah is an online casino game that takes you into the wilderness of places like Africa. Its developer Microgaming, designed the game with a theme based on wildlife animals. Several animal symbols are available such as lions, elephants, water buffalos, zebras, and many more. All of the animals are designed well to look beautiful and friendly. If you want to play mega moolah – visit this site.
The game features the usual system of an online casino game. Even beginners of this game will easily find the game easy and comfortable. The game’s five-reel layout and the 25 pay lines available are designed in a very simple way to provide a user-friendly interface. The game only allows you to put a maximum of 5 coins on every line and the only coin value available is $0.05.
In addition, the minimum bet of the game is at $1.25. However, you can choose to bet $6.25 for every spin for a chance to get the biggest prizes possible. The game will depend on your decisions, actually, but you can choose to look for another play that suits your ideal playing style if you are not comfortable using the betting range of the game.
Many Cool Features Available
One of the cool features that made Mega Moolah famous is its animal symbols. For example, the Lion symbol was selected to be the wild symbol of the game. This specific symbol can transform to be any of the non-scatter symbols of the game, supposing that it allows you to win together with an active pay line.
What makes this feature great is that it’s beneficial on its own, and to add more, the game’s developers also created and included a 2x multiplayer feature. This simply means that all types of win that you will earn using the wild-symbol of the Lion will be doubled right away.
The other special symbol is known as the Purple Monkey. This symbol represents as the bonus or scatters symbol of the game. So, if you acquire more than three purple monkey symbols, then you will have access to the game’s bonus round. You will have 15 free spins, and the winnings that you will get during the free spin will automatically be tripled.
The Progressive Jackpot
Mega Moolah also features a progressive jackpot feature. You can access this by simply playing the game and wait. The game comes with a wheel of fortune that will decide what kind of progressive jackpot you will get. All four progressive jackpots amounts will start from 10, 100, 10,000, and 1,000,000.

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